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Corten Steel

By forming a film of dark brown oxidation over the metal, Cor-Ten successfully resists the corrosive effects of weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, and fog. In this way, the protective layer prohibits deeper penetration of the elements and eliminates the need for painting and the expense of rust-prevention maintenance over the years, saving both money and time. The numerous architectural projects worldwide display the diverse uses of Cor-Ten steel, serving as excellent examples of the opportunities this material has opened to design.

Powder Coated 

Architectural powder coating enjoys a prominent role in product design, also making an exciting difference to the landscape of our towns and cities. Powder coating manufacturers are having fun with powder chemistry, creating stunning effects and textures as well as a treasure trove of colours and shades to rival anything that the interior paint designers have to offer. Top range architectural powders are the new Farrow & Ball for exterior design.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is obviously a variation on steel, a fantastically versatile metal made from iron with carbon and other elements added in through chemical processes to produce different characteristics. Designers can favour using stainless steel because it looks great with a variety of styles. If a sleek, modern look is called for, then the smooth, reflective look of stainless steel or other treated metals can be ideal.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanized steel is created by taking fabricated steel and dipping it into a vat of molten zinc. The result is a tightly bonded alloy coating that resists corrosion and rust. Galvanized material is environmentally sound and considered a sustainable resource. Because the materials last longer than non-galvanized metals, the carbon footprint is reduced.

Copper & Bronze

Copper and bronze tones work really well with both light and airy decors and darker interior & exterior schemes. Against neutral tones of creams and beiges the metallic glimmer of copper and bronze add contrast and add depth without overpowering. The textures often associated with metallics are silky smooth surfaces and sleek mirror finishes which will also add interest to any space.


Zinc is a less-pristine alternative to stainless steel because it’s a “living metal” that changes colour over time in reaction to its surroundings.
It’s naturally non-porous, It has anti-bacterial properties similar to copper, making it a great surface for worktops .The metal is easy to work with, so it’s easy to include decorative edges in various shapes and styles.

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